Thursday, April 15, 2010

Podcast: Lord Stanley - The Man Behind the Cup

One of the most important figures in Canadian history, Frederick Arthur Stanley’s most enduring legacy is not his term as the country’s sixth Governor General but the trophy cup that bears his name.

As the playoffs begin, we speak with author and hockey historian Kevin Shea about the man has name is associated with hockey champions. Shea is author of Lord Stanley: The Man Behind the Cup (Key Porter Books; First Edition edition (June 14, 2007)).

In this Journey into Hockey, we explore with Kevin Shea Lord Stanley’s political legacy — his diplomacy in dealing with the United States, his embrace of Canada’s West, and his nimble handling of domestic crises — fleshing out a man who was far more than just an avid sportsman.


Podcast: Lakeland – Journeys into the Soul of Canada

Lakeland (Greystone Books, 2009) is a journey of a discovery with a country. In the course of his travels, Allen Casey examined just what lakes mean to Canada.

Interestingly, while many volumes had been written about the Great Lakes, this is a rare book in that it explores Canada’s three million other lakes.

We speak with Allen Casey about the inspiration for his journey, what he found and how it changed him.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Podcast: Uniting Canada through a Guitar - Six String Nation

64 pieces; 6 strings; 1 Canada; 1 guitar.

This is the story of Voyageur, the Six String Nation guitar, which was built from throughout Canada – it is comprised almost entirely of pieces of Canadian history. Pierre Trudeau’s canoe paddle is the tone bar, Paul henderson’s hockey stick is part of the pick guard; and the sacred Golden Spruce of Haida Gwaii froms the face. Even Maurice Richard’s first Stanley Cup ring adorns the ninth fret.

We speak with project organizor and author Jowi Taylor about Vaoyageur’s story – from concetion through construction through its debut in front of 80,000 people on Canada Day 2006.

As Jowi relates, the story continues to unfold today.


Podcast: Superior Region & Its People

In The Wolf’s Head - Writing Lake Superior (Cormorant Books, 2008) ,Peter Unwin has recorded the stories of the great Superior and the people who, over centuries, have determined to make it their home.

In this Journey into Canada, we speak with Unwin, who helps lay out the history of the lake and its lands.